Technical Report (Final Draft - Proposed Solution)

3 Proposed SolutionThe proposed solution is for a system to allow students and staff members to reserve a seat in advance. The reservation of seats will be independent to the current system that is implemented in the canteens, making it an optional choice for patrons to use to obtain a seat.
3.1 Technical specifications The system will be integrated with SIT’s website, to allow for better management of the system. As students and staff members are familiar with SIT’s website, it will be more convenient for them to use the system as opposed to using an external platform to reserve the seats. (Figure 2) Students and staff members can log in to the app through the SIT booking system. Once logged in, students and staff members will be able to view their reserved seats, check out their cash balance and create a new reservation by clicking on the “NEW” icon located at the top right corner of the picture (Figure 2) Doing so will bring them to the reservation page where users will have to fill in…